3D Laser Scanning Services from DGT Survey Group:

Control costs, reduce change orders and keep your project on track with BIM-ready existing conditions survey data.

As New England’s leading provider of 3D laser scanning services, DGT Survey Group helps owners, architects, engineers, and construction managers use this advanced survey technology to map existing conditions, control costs and accelerate project schedules.

3D laser scanning reduces survey field time costs.

3D laser scanning from DGT Survey Group captures thousands of above-ground existing conditions data points within minutes. Data can be viewed as a 3D point cloud or exported to CAD format for design, dimensioning, and facade mapping.

  • Survey field time costs are often reduced from days to hours.
  • Elevated and hard-to-reach locations are easier and less expensive to survey.
  • 3D laser scanning does not interrupt or delay normal construction activity.

Project: 111 Westminster St. Providence, RI

Project:111 Westminster St, Providence, RI - 3D Laser Scanning

Project: Boston College High School

Project:Boston College High - 3D Laser Scanning
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3D laser scanning reduces costly change orders.

3D laser scanning data is accurate and comprehensive - reducing costly change orders due to designs based on inaccurate or incomplete existing conditions data.

3D laser scanning keeps your project on track.

No more project-stopping, time-wasting delays due to existing condition disputes. Accurate, readily accessible 3D laser scanning data provides quick, decisive resolution to disputed existing conditions.

3D laser scanning provides BIM-ready data capture.

3D laser scanning is an ideal method of data capture for Building Information Modeling or BIM, an emerging design, construction and information technology for commercial, industrial, institutional and government building projects.

In fact, the U.S. General Services Administration’s new National BIM Program capability requirements encourage the use of 3D laser scanning as “a vehicle for acquiring building spatial data in 3 dimensions with high fidelity and low processing time.”

Typical 3D Laser Scanning Applications


  • Existing conditions surveys
  • Civil infrastructure
  • Building facade mapping
  • As-Built surveys
  • Construction verification
  • BIM project support
  • Clash detection and avoidance
  • Historical and heritage preservation
  • Accident and crime scene forensic mapping
  • Monitoring construction progress
  • Utility infrastructure
  • Dispute resolution and litigation support

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